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Lone Dynasty Releases Message-Heavy & Powerful Nu Metal/Rock EP ‘The Past Revenge’

Lone Dynasty deliver their latest nu metal/rock EP “The Past Revenge.” The three-track release delivers anthemic instrumentation, lyrical depth, and crunching riffs. From the emotional “Lost Minds” to the melancholic “Da Hood” to the message-heavy “Feeling”, Lone Dynasty delivers melodic bliss combined with lyrical depth across the album. With the grand guitar riffs, driving basslines, and vigorous drumlines, the EP will resonate with any rock/nu metal music aficionado. “The Past Revenge” contains lyricism that will hook the listener due to the artist’s wordplay and contemporary issues it highlights. The eclectic instrumentation and unique vocal delivery in each single will put the listener into a state of trance. The speaker-rattling instrumentation gives the vocal on each track an energetic, raw, driving feeling. The EP fuses elements from varying genres seamlessly into one perfect nu metal/rock album.

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