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New EP The Past Revenge available soon

New EP from Lone Dynasty available on spotify and apple music soon...

Xplosive vocals, deep and enraged lyrics, hypnotic guitar riffs, and a powerful rhythmic section are the main ingredients in Lone Dynasty's latest studio project. The double single release, featuring the new tracks Dahood and Feeling, is the latest endeavor of the Zurich-based alt-rock fourpiece. And it strongly highlights all the many talents of this contemporary rock band. Formed in 2016 as the Lone Dynasty, Brian, Ben, Chris, and Jonas merged their identities to create a unique, eclectic sound. Taking inspiration from the most exciting subgenres in the world of Alternative Rock, such as Nu Metal, Post Hardcore, Prog, Symphonic Metal, as well as Grunge, Lone Dynasty built a diverse, exciting new approach, filled with energetic basslines and drum fills, unapologetic verses, riff-soaked hits, and high-energy live shows. Lone Dynasty's upcoming release features two rock-filled singles and their instrumental versions. A much-anticipated comeback, that precedes a new tour and a new album with a renovated, bigger line-up. The laid-back and melancholic, yet powerful and energetic Dahood is a sort of Nu Metal ballad about the numbness of our time, the apathy surrounding all of us, and the control operated on our minds. A modern kind of slavery masterly portrayed through unforgiving verses and strenuous vocals. The rhythmical changes in the pre-chorus, a nice twist for the listener, highlight a well-planned structure and particular attention paid to the songwriting process. Somewhere between Metal and Grunge, with some Alice In Chains vibes, Dahood expresses all the discomfort of our times, staying true to rock and roll. Way more personal and intimistic, despite the many references to the greed characterizing our whole society, Feeling offers the listener a set of hypnotic guitar riffs, with some strong drumming as a clever accompaniment, ruthless, strong vocals, and a whole rapping break that adds even more flavor and contemporaneity to an exciting Alt-Rock hit, with an interesting Rage Against The Machine vibe. With their new release, Lone Dynasty offer a cold, hard look at the contradictions of our world and at the repercussions that greed, uncertainty, and injustices have on our minds. They do that with an interesting balance between old-school alt-rock and more contemporary sounds, with some great attention to the crafting of lyrics and a dynamic, vigorous interpretation of them. A must for rock fans!

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